If you are designing your own postcard, we recommend starting with one of our templates. If you don't have a professional design tool or don't know how to use one, that's ok — check out some of these other options.


We offer the template in Adobe Photoshop PSD format and in PNG. If you don't use Photoshop, you can use the PNG to overlay our guide on your design as a way to double-check spacing (don't forget to remove it before submitting your files).

4” × 6” PostcardPSD PNG
6” × 9” Postcard
6” × 11” PostcardPSD PNG


In order for a postcard to correctly submit, it must be at minimum 300dpi. That means, it must have these minimum dimensions in pixels (height × width):

4” × 6” Postcard • 1275px × 1875px
6” × 9” Postcard • 1875px × 2775px
6” × 11” Postcard • 1875px × 3375px

If you have questions or problems with your design file, we're happy to help. Open a chat with us or email [email protected] We'll get things straightened out.

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